I have worked at many studios in Hollywood for the past several years: Disney, Filmation, Hanna-Barbera, Marvel, and Warner Brothers, to name a few. I have also had ideas of my own kicking around in the vast labyrinthian recesses of my capacious brain, and it occurred to me that perhaps I might refine one or two of them, and show them to people, maybe online, even. In the meantime, here are some samples of sketches and stuff I did a while back. Oh, and some storyboards for the Hollywood studios, too.

Suze grows up.

Suze grows up

Epitaphs can reveal ancestral personalities. Happy Dog.

Happy Dog

An artist first puts down his many ideas in the form of quick sketches. They are not in finished form, but act as springboards for the final artwork.

Who are the people you descended from? Were they criminals or kings? Find out in the exciting and humorous quest for your ancestral findings!

From the first time I saw Donald Duck cavorting around on the screen at my nursery school, I knew that I just had to be involved with this way of making movies.
G.I. Joe - Scarlett fires incendiary rocket from her crossbow.

G.I. Joe

They are the first step in making a film visual after doing the script, sort of a blue print of the film.
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