You say you like animated cartoons? You say you like things for kids? Well, so do I. Keep checking this website for new ideas. They're around here somewhere.

Designy people.

Designy People

Genie-alogy. Happy Dog.

Happy Dog

The initial inspiration of the artist is immediately put down on paper as rapid sketches. The style exhibits more freedom than the tight finished version. Many art aficionados prefer the vibrancy and life found in the artist's first sketches.

Who are the people you descended from? Were they criminals or kings? Find out in the exciting and humorous quest for your ancestral findings!

What other artform can make a drawing look like it's alive? Behold, the wonderful world of animation!
My Little Ponies Sea Ponies.

My Little Pony Sea Ponies

They are the first step in making a film visual after doing the script, sort of a blue print of the film.
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