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E-MAIL: wendell@wendellwasher.com
WEBSITE: http://wendellwasher.com

I am an accomplished professional in the entertainment industry, ready to utilize my supervising, writing, computer, film-making, storyboarding, artistic and cartooning skills.

I participated as Storyboard Director in the production of the Emmy-Award-Winning show "The Muppet Babies."

I was nominated for the Annie in 2001 for Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production for my work on Warner Brothers' Direct-to-Video "Tweety's High-Flying Adventure."

Production Supervisor

-- Supervised storyboard production on an animated television series.
-- Organized production, scripted and filmed a short live action film.

Production Writer and Artist

-- Storyboarded on various shows at the Walt Disney Television Animation division, provided excellent acting, layouts and posing, advanced the story with good cutting, camera moves and angles, character acting and expressions, followed the dialog track carefully for full effect.
-- Contributed to various pitch presentations, writing and drawing funny business and gags.
-- Voice acted for some animated shows, and also for scratch tracks.
-- Did background layouts in different styles for several different studios, carefully adhering to their requirements.
-- Known as careful and hard working, to do a professional job.
-- Animated on some shows, and also did quality assistant animation.

-- Wrote and presented pitch cards for new shows.
-- Worked with the development department at different studios, brainstorming ideas, both writing and quick sketching.

-- Used Photoshop and the Cintiq graphics tablet to color and format single panel gag cartoons on the PowerMac computer. The drawings were done with pencil and paper, scanned in, and darkened and made transparent in Photoshop.

-- Created, wrote, filmed and edited a teaching DVD on how to draw.
-- Storyboarded using the computer and Photoshop.