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  1.   One-size-fits-all family tree.
  2.   How they get that way.
  3.   Aunt Agnes enjoyed the Windy City.
  4.   So it looks like long-lost relatives find a way around sunken land-bridge.
  5.   Adam and Eve and Mr. Serpent before and after.
  6.   God has no grandchildren.
  7.   Love at first sight - And the kids.
  8.   This will mess up the family tree if we're not careful.
  9.   Dog family tree.
  10. Tree's family man.
  11. Disappointing branch of family tree.
  12. Bearded man and bearded lady have a son.
  13. If Saturn had been a good boy.
  14. Future Americans approaching Ellis Island.
  15. I know I hid my ancestors here somewhere!
  16. Cain's family tree.
  17. Fiddling around led to a lot of notes.
  18. Fell off the family tree.
  19. Some family records conjure up strange images.
  20. In an on-line search, some subject lines are less than informative.
  21. New videogame: Where's ancestor?
  22. Genealogists on the road.
  23. But Mommy, all I said was 'You're my first generation ancestor.'...
  24. This baby'll help you find those hard-to-place ancestors!
  25. Could you please tell me the names of your children?
  26. Good news, Mr. Smith!...
  27. In this life, wherever you go, you won't stay there.
  28. Life in a nutshell.
  29. When the roll is called up yonder.
  30. It may be a typo.
  31. Awww.
  32. Hot on the trail.
  33. On the trail of the King's ancestors.
  34. Sap in the family tree.
  35. Of course, sir! Didn't you know we charge $25 a copy?
  36. It only took ten minutes to find him, and I love the search!
  37. Cemetery of the unknown ancestor.
  38. Rather limited index, isn't it, Mr. Smith?
  39. I'm sorry, sir. We only allow pencil and paper in the library.
  40. Uncle Horace refused to sell.
  41. Big hug after an all-morning newspaper genealogy search.
  42. Fred couldn't understand why Julius didn't even have a snapshot.
  43. Jerry Mander never moved, but the counties did.
  44. Shaving cream used 2,000 times 'to bring out the features.'
  45. 'Newspaper-challenged' about to have library privileges revoked.
  46. Great Uncle Bertrand didn't have a computer in 1880, so how will you find him on line?
  47. You do a lot of online research, don't you?
  48. Repository of a disappointed genealogist.
  49. It's the keyboard's fault! The keys weren't in the right place!
  50. Warning! Freshly dug graves can be hazardous to your body.
  51. My computer has lots o' ram!
  52. In a search, put the uncommon word first.
  53. Patronymic names.
  54. Phil had preconceived notions.
  55. Digging up the bones.
  56. Martha was upset that the German website was in a foreign language.
  57. Henry told all his friends that he loves Spam®.
  58. Bethany suspected that this website had errors.
  59. Mister Smith, could I ask how you got your name?
  60. Sir, I joined the army to look up my genealogical military records, sir!
  61. He wrote a book on genealogy.
  62. Added bonus of genealogical cemetery research.
  63. With his GPS hand-held, Dave could find Great grandpa's tombstone blindfolded.
  64. He has a website on genealogy.
  65. Maps can be useful.
  66. Even roads have genealogies.
  67. He draws a weekly cartoon on genealogy.
  68. At last Fred found a genealogy book he could understand.
  69. The human family tree if man had never sinned.
  70. I think Gran'ma wants to spend more time with us.
  71. Mom, how come our names aren't on the screen?
  72. Pay dirt.
  73. Genealogy - Not just for the rich and famous anymore.
  74. Genie-alogy.
  75. 300 photos on Betty's homepage that just had to be there.
  76. Genealogy on the web.
  77. Ancient Egyptian genealogy.
  78. I'm afraid, sir, it's got a virus.
  79. Mathematician's family tree.
  80. Family Bibles can be a source of information.
  81. When flying to a major library, be sure to have room for a ton of copies.
  82. Well-prepared genealogist.
  83. Some cemeteries are heavily overgrown.
  84. Epitaphs can reveal ancestral personalities.
  85. Genealogy - Taking in the trash.
  86. Write down your thoughts and learn how you think.
  87. Uncle Zeb had only one fruit tree, but he did very well for himself.
  88. Facts cannot be copyrighted.
  89. You may want to spell out terms for clarity.
  90. The father and mother of laughter.