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You can visit Gene Toons and Ancestral Findings and enjoy the delightful work of Wendell Washer!

Jesse Cannone's Lose The Back Pain website - For an excellent insight to the cause of back pain and how to cure it, I recommend Jesse Cannone's website. He covers all the basics: Diet, exercise, mental attitude, and more. This is actually working for me. Pain-free in seven days. After years of back pain. The big secret: Muscle imbalance. Check out Jesse Cannone.

Women in Animation is a professional non-profit organization promoting the advancement of women involved in all aspects of the art and industry of animation!

Learn all about the incredible M Jai Lallo , who does it all in the field of voice over acting, and learn how to learn from her at Creating Voices.com! And check out the book M Jai and Jean Ann Wright wrote: Voice Over for Animation. It is really helpful and resourceful!

VoiceOverXtra.com - The Voice Over Industry's News & Resource Center!

Tinker Bell never said a word in the movie "Peter Pan," but she has a lot to say on her website Tinker Bell Talks!

Pat Fraley has created voices for over 4,000 characters, placing him among the top ten performers of all time to be cast in animation. He teaches character voices, and has the only curriculum accredited at the University level!

Kevin Delaney teaches top-notch classes in all manner of voice over. Check him out!

Did you know that genealogy is popular world-wide? I encourage you to visit The Family Tree Maker, the world's fastest online family tree maker.