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Wendell Washer Sketches

Curious Squirrel.

Curious Squirrel

Nutty Squirrels.

Nutty Squirrels

Squirrel People.

Squirrel People

Suze Dog Girl.

Suze Dog Girl

Suze grows up.

Suze grows up

Designy people.

Designy People

Dancing robots and other folks.

Dancing Robots

Dancing Witch Giant.

Dancing Witch Giant

Dancing Dog Couple.

Dancing Dog Couple

Cute little puppy people.

Puppy People

A bunch of little dinosaur sketches.

Toony Dinosaurs

Various rabbit people.

Rabbit People

Love that acorn!

Love that acorn!

Wacky Squirrels.

Wacky Squirrels

Squirrel Run.

Squirrel Run

Robot Folks.

Robot Folks