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Wendell Washer Storyboard Samples

Kittens in Daycare, wide-eyed '...mean old giant...'.

Cat Tale

Martial Arts Heroes.

Crouching Tiger

Scrooge and Fenton falling into computer graphics.

Duck Tales

Old woman approaches old house, big man at door.

G.I. Joe

Pete's cabin, Goofy at camper, bear pops up from firewood.

Goof Troop

My Little Ponies Sea Ponies.

My Little Pony Sea Ponies

Ozzy pulls lampshade off of Drix.

Ozzy and Drix

Higher for Hire dock, with Rebecca and Wildcat.

Tale Spin

Optimus Prime.


The Governor sees the ships approaching.


Bula, Zeeter and Multo look at bacteria below.

Zula Patrol